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two bodies ; one heart

and if love is just a game, how come it's no fun?

4 April 1995
I'm Annabelle, 17 year old student from northern France. I love video games, music, anime, travelling, photography, fashion, beauty, bananas, yellow and making new friends. (Yepp, you got that.)
LM.C, Shoko Nakagawa, Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg, Ami Suzuki, Eugene Mcguinness

gigs attended

Anna Tsuchiya (2006/07/08)
Nana Kitade (2007/07/07)
miyavi (2008/07/06)
LM.C ♥ (2009/02/01)
Kanon Wakeshima (2009/07/04)
MEG (2009/07/04)

gigs to come

Noah and The Whale (2010/03/20)
LM.C ♥ (2010/04/17)
Muse (2010/06/12)
La Roux + Vitalic + The Black Eyed Peas + David Guetta (2010/07/02)

I am the_fucking Wrath (FullMetal Alchemist) of livejournal!</font>

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