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14 November 2013 @ 03:54 pm
maybe someday i'll manage to stick to my promises?!? damn, girl. damn.

let's catch up and sum up what happened since march.
i left university shortly after the 'exam incident' i talked about on march 1st. i stayed in lille until june, when i moved back at my mother's. i decided to try my luck and send applications to photography courses in the uk, but in just one phone call my father crashed my dreams and i kinda lef the project behind, but i'm willing to put it back on track sometime soon.
i went back to see my therapist, who diagnosed me with anorexia. i lost 20+ pounds in 2 months but i'm slowly eating normally again. i'm still petrified whenever someone coughs, or when i have a stomach ache, or anything sickness related, but i manage. i feel positive about the future and less desperate than i did even a few weeks ago. we are quickly getting to the core of the problem and i can't wait to start destroying it with a good ol' happy hammer.

yesterday i discovered that i was a gifted adult, too. not all gifted children become gifted adults, but i did. i always thought my IQ was somewhere around 135, but apparently it's muuuch higher than that. like, MUCH higher. i'd like to take a test.

also. korean music. massive sigh. it's too good, man. 
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