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01 March 2013 @ 06:37 pm
Jumping mole  

Sooo. I had an hour sleep last night. Let's just say if exhaustion had a human form, it would be me.
I had an exam at 8.30 so I obviously went. I finally got to catch up with my friend Robin so I was glad. He worries about my eating habits and I love him for that. He's always been like a brother to me. We have the best of fun too.
Point is, I don't go to uni right. And when we leave the exam room we have to sign a list with our name on it. Well today the professor decided to make everyone sign in front of her. She obviously didn't know me so she was like wtf. I told her I had health problems so I couldn't go to uni (quite true) and she asked me to send her a fucking email about that. Gurl are you real? It's none of your business. Way to make an impression on a first encounter. So I got freaking anxious about her saying stuff to people and making me lose my scholarship. I got some proper stomach ache and even receiving my PSP didn't help.

Oh yeah I got a PSP! It's the 1000, it's pink and I love it. I downloaded Pop'n music Portable and I'm gonna crack it tonight at mum's. Like a prooo! My PS2 and Nintendo DS are cracked as well. I love that I have a silver Gameboy Pocket, a white iPhone, a blue Nintendo DS, a black PS2 and a pink PSP. So colourful!

Also, since I've been feeling horrible lately I caughtup on Tamako Market and Amnesia. While Tamako Market is just getting better, Amnesia really starts to get on my nerves. OKAY WE GOT IT THE POOR GIRL IS LIVING THE SAME TWO WEEKS OVER AND OVER AGAIN GIVE US ANSWERS
Also I'm not too keen on Clannad. I'm gonna keep watching for the sake of culture but how did they get to make so many episodes and seasons? Boriiiing. I might as well rererererewatch Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. The OST makes me want to find Taku Takahashi and hold him forever while whispering "Thank you" over and over again.

I got to spend yesterday afternoon with Florian. I'm so glad we caught up! I love this lad. We talked about Lorna and I don't really know what's up with my feelings with her. I think I'll always love her in some way. Also, I might move in his girlfriend's (our friend Myriam) flat next fall. I ADORE her place so I wouldn't say no to such opportunity because the dorms in the heart of the city are in terrible places with lots of drug dealers and stuff. So nothxbai.

I think that's it. Already quite a mouthful, eh! I didn't want to post when I was feeling really depressed because I don't want this place to be as depressing as it used to be when I first opened it.

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